Experience the Best Wines and Food of Plešivica Region


If you appreciate fine food and quality wine, Plešivica region is the ideal destination for you.

The best way to explore the most attractive wineries and restaurants of the region is by driving in one of our vintage cars. This unique tour guarantees expert guidance throughout the destination, offering a unique experience of getting acquainted with the region’s authentic gastronomic offerings.
The tour includes visits to two wineries and one restaurant, as well as a scenic drive through the hills of Plešivica.
During the expert-guided wine tasting, each winery will serve 4 wines, and the restaurant will provide a 3-course meal.

Cycling Trails

Family route, vista trail, stone trail, tradition trail, water trail, heritage trail, nature trail, or the specific wine trail – each of them offers something special and intriguing for every adventurer or tourist, as well as for those who are already familiar with Jaska or have always lived here. Find your own trail too!

The Jaska Bike app, with the help of your smartphone, will guide you through 8 interesting routes of different characters. By using the app, you can prepare and find out everything you can see on the route, as well as what to expect. Familiarizing yourself with the app beforehand will help you choose the best route – considering that the trails are precisely themed: route distance, difficulty level, and estimated duration. The app will also guide you to discover the richness of Jaska’s gastronomy, heritage, and traditional elements, as well as the beauty of nature or your favorite wine. 

The City of Jastrebarsko and the Tourist Board of Jastrebarsko continuously invest in the development of cycle tourism. After acquiring electric bicycles and constructing a modern garage from which visitors can rent e-bikes, 250 km of trails have been marked, and now the Jaska Bike app has been created. Soon, cyclists on these trails can expect rest areas to further enjoy nature. 

The app is completely free, and if you lose internet connection or signal, you can follow the trail through downloaded GPX tracks and traffic signage.

Cultural Landmarks

If you wish to travel culturally through space and time, the area of Jastrebarsko and its surroundings, with a multitude of valuable religious buildings, castles, manors, and cultural institutions, is an ideal place for you!

Churches and chapels with tall bell towers in almost every Jaskan village offer the opportunity to explore the indigenous cultural and historical heritage. The Old Traditional Zipka Interior of the City Museum and Gallery in Jastrebarsko, and the Church of St. Peter – a monument of the highest architectural value, house rich religious treasures, providing every traveler with the much-needed peace and spiritual renewal.

With the castles and manors of the Erdödy and Oršić counts, you can embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of imagination and the past of our ancestors.

Jastrebarsko and its surroundings will offer you a truly rich and interesting cultural heritage!


Whether you are a passionate hiker, a lover of untouched nature, or simply seeking peace and a view of the starry sky, our vacation house provides the perfect base for your escape.”

Japetić, the highest peak of Plešivica (879 m), has been declared a forest vegetation reserve due to its preserved natural beauty. The beech forests are particularly valuable, along with the rich mountain flora covering the mountain meadows.

At the very top, there is an observation pyramid, 12 meters high, offering a magnificent view of the entire region. In good weather, from the terrace of the mountain hut at Žitnica, renowned for its exceptional local cuisine, you can enjoy views of Pokuplje, Žumberak, Klek, and even all the way to the Alps.

Numerous well-marked hiking trails and roads through Draga Svetojanska lead to Japetić. It is an ideal spot for hikers, excursionists, cyclists, paragliders, and other nature enthusiasts. Near Japetić on the karst plateau, there is the abandoned village of Grabarak, known for its preserved rural architecture.