Organic Cultivation of Pears and Apples

The Peteljka Family Farm specializes in organic cultivation of pears and apples on a 4.32-hectare area. The orchard, where old William pears were planted over 20 years ago, has been reconstructed with new pear, apple, and plum saplings of old varieties that are more resistant to diseases, pests, and extreme weather conditions.

The idea for the establishment of this small family farm emerged after the farm owner and her partner moved from the city to the countryside and started practicing ecological and permaculture methods to grow their own food on the old property they had renovated for living.

Living in a wooden house, in an authentic rural environment where families once lived entirely sustainably, inspired the owners to engage in agriculture during their free time, after working indoors, to reduce their ecological footprint and produce their own food without environmental pollution, with minimal use of packaging.

They began the reconstruction of the orchard, which they have maintained ecologically since 2018, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers.

The result of their efforts is healthy organic fruits. Due to the orchard’s maintenance through mowing, numerous beneficial insects such as bees, butterflies, and pollinators inhabit the area, alongside plants that perform ‘green manure‘ to enhance the soil quality. 

Due to the increasing costs of agricultural production, especially in the realm of organic farming, we, together with our family members, have decided to register an additional activity on our family farm. We have established a rural vacation house named ‘Deja View,’ offering guests accommodation in a unique environment surrounded by nature.

We provide guests of our vacation house with services for food and beverage preparation and serving at the location of our family farm headquarters, located at Malunje 35. Here, visitors can experience our renewed traditional house where we reside, as well as the farm buildings that house our product tasting rooms.

In this way, we have connected our primary agricultural activities with additional services, allowing visitors to witness the methods we use to cultivate and prepare food and juices. Guests can actively participate in activities on our family farm, promoting sustainable living and agricultural practices.